aerie™ is an innovative and intelligent aerial data system

Through a network of UAVs and base stations, aerie™ is able to collect aerial data without human labour and analyse it to provide actionable information to users. aerie's™ hardware system operates with intelligent flight control that can be automated or scheduled on demand.

aerie's™ data management system allows for easy cloud-based analysis and insights. This overcomes shortcomings in current data collection, with a scalable and cost-effective solution.


Organised Aerial Systems

aerie™ provides an intelligent flight control framework for the specialised UAVs to work in tandem to surveil land and collect data for later analysis. Flights can be scheduled or automated as needed.

Cost Effective

As aerie™ doesn’t require remote piloting of UAVs, the labour required for aerial data collection is substantially minimised and leads to significant cost reduction.


aerie™ is capable of covering vast areas of land since each network can be scaled seamlessly by adding base stations and UAVs.

Site Optimisation

aerie’s™ cloud-based web application provides users with insights which lead to more effective asset management and utilisation of resources.

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